Google photos will add stories to your albums

Currently, there are several social networks where we can share our daily lives or our special moments, either with our friends, family and in some cases even with our followers.

It seems that nowadays the trend is to share stories, which are small fragments of videos or photographs that eventually disappear after a while.

Due to the boom they have had, most social networks, both Facebook, Instagram and even WhatsApp have implemented them. That’s why Google Photos could not be left behind and decided to incorporate stories into your photo albums.

What is Google Photos and how it helps us to safeguard our information

We will begin by explaining what Google Photos is: It is an app for the exchange and storage of multimedia files provided by Google and is currently being implemented in the latest mobile phones replacing the traditional Gallery.

Once the application is downloaded and installed on your phone, you must log in with your Google account so that our videos and photos are automatically synchronized with the Google Photos cloud and be able to access them from any device, anywhere.

Another point to highlight in this wonderful app is that it is a safe way to have our photographs, because it generates a backup of these files in the cloud, for this, just activate the option and you will have your photos and your important moments secured.

Implementation of the new Google Photos feature “Memories”

Google Photos has added the new feature that uses the “stories” format that we can find today in other social networks, but they have renamed it “Memories”.

This function is very similar to the stories that we can find in other social networks, although these are presented in a private and personal way, which will appear at the top of our gallery on the most recently added photos. 

Another fact to highlight is that instead of concentrating on what is currently happening, like the stories of other social platforms do, Google Photos has focused more on helping us travel the path of memory.

This update has undoubtedly been one of the most interesting since it is the first time this format is presented to us as a method to go back in time and revive our lives in a more meaningful way.

Representatives of the company have announced that the idea arises from observing the behavior that users have had in their application: “We see users browse their photos and scroll down to see images from five years ago,” Google Photos leader Shimrit Ben-Yair said.

He also added that this new function was intended to be helpful to users and this way “remember better digitally.”

The use of this new feature is very similar to that found on platforms such as Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, YouTube, among others: at the top of the app we will find some icons in the form of small circles, which we can touch to access our memories.

Something very important that we must point out is that this feature is completely customizable, since you decide through the configuration what memories you want to stand out, just as you can decide that certain people or places do not appear on your memories.

As we discussed earlier, these stories are completely private, although Google Photos has announced that in a few months it plans to enable us to share those photos more directly.

This is an improvement in function, this way being able to send our memories directly to our friends and family.

Indisputably Google Photos has had many improvements since its launch, which has evolved very quickly its storage service, giving indications that they will try new things in the future.

Thanks to its integration with the Android system, Google Photos currently has more than one billion users and the numbers are increasing, possibly making it one of the most used apps now and in the future.

Something that undoubtedly must be recognized from Google, is to have considered users and what they prefer from a personal point, something that social networks would undoubtedly ignore.