IoT plugs to control consumption

It is no surprise that technology does not stop, and every day amazed us with new progress, presenting us a thousand and one ways of how to make our lives much easier.

Some years ago, the so-called Smart Houses were announced, which allows being inhabited as a normal housing, but at the same time having all the activities related to new technologies available to the tenants, such as turning on the television, the music player and even turning on some home appliances.

With the arrival of these new homes, the so-called “Smart Plugs” also came. These will allow us, as we mentioned at the beginning, to control them directly from our mobile device.

Thanks to this, everything is connected, like some appliances, electronic devices and even the lighting of our house, and right there enters one of its most important features: Energy consumption.

Energy consumption through smart plugs

It is a habit for some of us, to leave phone chargers connected to outlets in our home, we assume that are devices we are not using and therefore do not have an energy consumption.

Unfortunately, this is not correct, phantom consumption, as it is known, is the result of all those devices that remain connected in our homes uninterruptedly and which are responsible for between 8 and 12% of the total electricity consumption of our home.

With these new IoT plugs, we will have the opportunity to see the real consumption of our appliances as well as the possibility of completely stopping the energy consumption of these devices when they are not in use.

In summary, resulting in significant savings, reducing energy costs, and supporting the environment and our pocket, since it will be reflected in a decrease in taxes on electric bills.

In addition to that, we can be fully aware of our real electric consumption through a mobile app that is very easy to download and manage.

Apps for energy monitoring through smart plugs

Although these plugs allow us to have a broader vision regarding the energy consumption we have in our home every day, we must also consider that not all plugs have fully detailed data, but some brands are more specific and break down more efficiently data obtained on energy consumption.

These works considering the average consumption, daily and monthly costs, and providing additionally an overview of the hours that were used in a certain period of time.

But there are others that only give an overview of consumption without being specific with numbers.

Another advantage of these plugs is their easy installation, just plug them in and synchronize them to the app that we will previously download on our mobile devices.

It can be a bit difficult to decide what type of plug to buy and which one is best for us and our home. We must consider that the plug we intend to acquire must easily interact with the products and appliances we have in our homes.

An example of this is if we are Apple consumers and have an iPhone, Apple TV or a HomePod. Therefore, it is advisable to use a plug that allows an Apple HomeKit protocol, which will make your experience easier and more efficient for better energy savings.

Now that you know how these new and essential plugs work, it will be easier to decide which one is best for you and your family.

Although in terms of prices they can be a little expensive, but not too expensive, it is an investment is worth to consider and whose result will be reflected in your future energy bill and are without a doubt something indispensable in our homes to be at the cutting edge and have a better control of the energy consumption of all the appliances in our home.