Köpskam the new word to define the shame of buying clothes

In recent years we have lived in a world more aware of what we should improve as human beings to live in a better world.

Because of that, we have plunged into a wave of trends, ideologies, concepts, new lifestyles and much more, which promise to place us on a new level and break with the old way of thinking.

Much of this is related to the freeing of the human being and the environment care, two pillars that the new generations are trying to rebuild for a new society.

  The latter, caring for the environment, as one of the most emerging due to the obvious deterioration of our planet that is putting in check all life that exists on our planet.

Sweden, one of the greenest countries in the world, sees its reality in another way

Undoubtedly, in Sweden, they have an exemplary concern about trying to reverse the negative effects we have caused to the environment and no wonder why it’s known as one of the greenest countries in the world, and have even been called the world leader in the environment.

This country has made serious efforts, practically changing its laws and investing a lot of its economy to become an advanced country, developing and implementing all kinds of zero-emission technology and giving higher priority to its forests.

Because of this, the Swedes have developed a way of seeing the world where they always watch over the good of the planet, but this also has consequences, because people now feel shame and remorse if they are doing something that affects the climate.

And those who know a little about how the garments that we wear every day are made will realize that it is one of the most polluting industries in the world and that it has left serious sequels of all kinds, in the sky, sea, and land.

Therefore, in Sweden, more and more people are being aware that buying clothes is supporting an industry that does not fit their ideology. And it has been so strong that they have now given a name to the feeling of shame and guilt when buying a lot of clothes: Köpskam.

What is behind the meaning of Köpskam

The word Köpskam has a very important mission, and it is to eradicate the feeling of pride and self-centeredness that some people have when dressing clothes of all kinds, since this practice of obsessively buying new clothes to be worn only once, is a hard blow to the environment.

A clear example is the fashion influencers in social networks, who always wearing a different garment in each photograph for their followers, spending large amounts of money on new clothes and making their fans follow the same path.

However, there is no term to disapprove these behaviors, so the Swedes were responsible for creating a hashtag with the name “köpskam” to show their disagreement with this type of behavior based on consumerism.

Besides, the köpskam aims to defend the practice of acquiring second-hand clothes and DIY crafts to reuse old clothes by giving them a more modern and cool style or simply turning them into other accessories such as bags made of old jeans, etc.

And unlike trends we see on social networks and then are left behind, the hashtag köpskam, in fact, comes from a solid ideology that has been engraved in the European country for years.

The Sweden head of trade, the economist Johan Davidson, has made public his data where he shows that in recent years the economy of retail businesses has been maintained for a long time, that is, the acquisition of clothing, electronic devices, furniture, etc., is more controlled.

Meanwhile, the real estate, hotel, and restaurant sectors have shown satisfactory growth.

Compared to many countries such as the United States, China, Japan, among others whose society is based on uncontrolled consumerism, in Sweden, there is a tendency to reject products that have a short to medium-term life span.

In short, Sweden is a superior country when it comes to looking towards a better future, something that the rest of the world should imitate before it is too late for everyone.