The Gilded Age is presented as a series

It is well known that if we speak of good programming, HBO has brought series and films that have been recognized internationally over the years.

Works such as Game of Thrones, which had 137 nominations for the 2019 Emmy Awards, making it the first television network to receive more nominations, exceeding by far Netflix, which is one of its most important competitors.

This is how HBO, hand in hand with Julian Fellowes, brings to us The Gilded Age, a dramatic series that takes place in the New York of 1880 in the so-called “Golden Age” and that will be about the millionaire magnates of this city.

Although, HBO was not the first television network that advocated this series, the NBC network was who originally turned to Fellowes for the creation and executive production of that series.

The plans of making it came up in 2012, but it was not until 2015 with the ending of the Downton series, where Fellowes was a writer of the episodes and therefore forced him to pause Gilded Age. Later he would become the writer of the movie Downton Abbey.

He had to wait until the beginning of 2018 to give the Gilded Age a green light and it was from that moment that this production began to emerge as one of the most ambitious dramas of the television and therefore it would be a bit difficult taking it to the small screen without compromising the vision of the creator.

“Given the opulent scope and scale of this character drama with a rich texture, HBO is the perfect home for The Gilded Age,” commented Casey Bloys who is the president of HBO Programming, “We are all Julian’s big fans and I know I speak for Bob Greenblatt, who was involved in the development of this series while on Universal Television, when I say we are delighted to bring his undeniable genius to our televisions. ”

Cast to star in the ambitious HBO series “The Gilded Age”

Now that we talk a little about the beginnings of this ambitious series and all the production it will have, it is time to bring up the cast topic. Who are the actors that we will see in this wonderful period drama?

Undoubtedly, HBO did not skimp at all as far as actors concerned. “The Gilded Age” will feature two Tony Award winners within its cast. It has been confirmed that Christine Baranski, who besides being an actress is a singer and producer, works for which she has obtained 15 nominations for the Emmy awards, winning one of them in 1995.

Christine will give life to the aristocrat Agnes Van Rhijn, a woman who manages to hook her husband just when his family’s plantation collapses and proudly resists change at every step.

Cynthia Nixon, who had previously worked with the HBO network in the already famous series Sex and the City, returns now to play Ada Brook, who is Agnes’s wealthy younger sister.

Together with these wonderful actresses, we can also see the performance of Amanda Peet, who will play a woman who wants to sneak into the upper-class world thanks to the money her husband owns, who is played by actor Morgan Spector.

Release date for “The Gilded Age”

Julian Fellowes has been working hard on this project for many years. As we discussed earlier, The Gilded Age was first announced in a 2015 interview that was conducted by Mail on Sunday.

Unfortunately for the moment, there is no exact launching date of this expensive television series. What we know is that it consists of 10 episodes, which was released by the same television network (HBO).

There is no doubt that many will be waiting to know its release date and other advances that are unknown at the moment, but in advance, we know that it guarantees to be a resounding success, like most of the series this television network has brought to us throughout its existence.