Why not throw away your phone box

There is no greater feeling than acquiring a new mobile device, and even more, if we are faithful to a specific brand.

Our first reaction is to hurry to open the device box as soon as possible so that we can have it in our hands. But what happens after this?

Many people assume that the only important thing in the box is the cell phone, but this is not completely true.

Inside the box, we can find in addition to attachments for the device, a lot of information that can be of great help someday.

What can we find in the box of our phone?

Although, we cannot guarantee that all packaging boxes in which we receive our mobile devices contain the same items, here we present some of the most frequent ones we can find.

  • The first thing we will find when opening the box, of course, is our phone, which must come well protected inside a custom mold.

This prevents it from moving inside the box avoiding it from suffering a blow and it also can be protected with a plastic that will avoid scratches on our new device.

  • Under our phone, we can find the connector of our charger and its USB cable, which will allow us to connect it directly to the power or to a device that allows this connection, for example, a computer. 
  • Something that cannot be missing in our phone box is headphones, which are usually in-ear. These usually come with a 3.5mm connector, although in some cases, they also come with a USB Type-C adapter, depending on the user’s preference.
  • Device manual. This can be found under our cell phone. Here we will find everything we need to know about our phone and its operation, making the experience better when using it and making the most of it, knowing all its functions and shortcuts.
  • Warranty. This is very important for consumers since it will allow having certainty that our device is protected and in case it has any defect or functionality failure, or simply an accident that prevents us from using it.

There we will find the guarantee, where for a certain time, the company will be responsible for repairing our device and in some cases,  they can make the change if the damage is irreparable.

We must pay special attention to the expiration date of the guarantee, since it can vary between a few months to a year, even giving the opportunity to extend it, and depending on the store, it considers holidays or only business days.

As we discussed earlier, these are the most common items that mobile phone brands add to our device. But another advantage of keeping our phone box is intended for the future. 

Imagine you have been using that device for a long time and it has kept it in good condition, therefore you want to acquire one with better technology, the first thing that will come to your mind is to sell your current phone.

It is well known that many buyers prefer it in their original box and with all their devices included, which can help to charge the right price for it and not be depreciated.

Now, if you still don’t want to get rid of your device, but you have to move soon, your box will help you transport all your attachments in a safe and orderly way, and so know that once you arrive at your new residence you will find them easily and without delays.

Although if after reading all this you still think it is best to throw away the box, you can also give it a second thought, there are several DIY tutorials which will help you to reuse the box.

Now that you know the importance of the box and everything you can find in it, tell us, had you considered all these points when you purchased your new device?